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September 23, 2012 by astancilwomack

Hi all!

My name is Mandy Stancil-Womack. I’m currently a student at the Univerity of Nevada, Reno. My area of focus is Business Management. I also currently manage the pain management department of a busy muli-specialty medical group. This is my first of many blog posts about the medical field.

I plan on continuing my career in medical management and hope to be an administrator of a medical group or surgical center someday. Before that can happen I still have a lot to learn, so that brings me here! This blog will mostly be compiled of research of current medical administration practices, and my take on it. I intend to focus primarily on the administrative side of medicine, but because there couldn’t be an administrative side without the clinical side some articles may focus on the clinical aspects, but bear with me and keep reading as I will always analyze it in regards to administration.

I look forward to learning more about medical adminisrtation and I hope you can also learn from my research as well! I’m working on my research for next week’s post, so stay tuned to learn more about the 5010 HCFA that was mandated earlier this year.





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Mandy Stancil-Womack

My name is Mandy Stancil-Womack. I am interested in pursuing a career in medical management. I am learning as much as I can in order to start my career. This page allows me to explore different aspects of medical administration.

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